Sunday, November 8, 2015

The anti-Liberal Techniques: Part 5

Criminals always accuse others of their own crimes. Always.

In my article “The anti-Liberal Techniques: Part 2” I wrote the following: “Do you think Rosie O’Donnell wants gun control laws to keep you from owning a gun? Maybe, but I think deep down she knows she’s a raving lunatic who is out of control of her own behavior, just enough to sense that it is her who shouldn’t have a gun. Think about this; it’s an irrational fear that someone is going to kill someone with a gun which they use as a reason to ban them. If it’s in Rosie’s head enough for her to say it, it must somehow also apply to her because she is the one saying people use guns to kill people. Whether this pattern of human nature is actually true or not, or even if you believe it or not, this is a line of logic that seems to work and so liberals have some serious trouble with it.”

In this article I’m going to develop that idea just a little bit further.

Let’s say you’re having a conversation about welfare with a liberal. You say something to the effect that you don’t think welfare should be increased. Now is the time to pay close attention to what they say next! Liberals don’t think. They are too full of unmitigated rage for that. They react emotionally to ideas they’ve got stuck in their own heads. By far the usual response will be something along the lines of, “You just want to starve children!”

Forget for the moment the complete lack of civil discourse here. Yes, it’s a bit shocking and completely untrue. Yes, you will be extremely tempted to react. But remember, the liberal is the one who doesn’t think. Don’t react! One helpful idea I keep in my mind for just such occasions is, “Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I endorse whatever delusion you think is the opposite.” You can say this to them if you like, and it’s great for creating those long pauses and stammering, but the best thing you can do is listen and think about what has just been said to you.

“You just want to starve children!”

Now ask yourself the question, “who was even thinking about starving children?” You weren’t. You were most likely thinking that lower welfare means lower taxes on business, creating higher wages, in a more free and friendly economy, and less people needing welfare. That is if you are anything close to a typical conservative.

Between the two of you, who thought of starving children and reacted without thought in accusation and incivility because of it? The liberal did! That’s who.

There is no need to respond defensively at all in a situation like this because if you were listening and thinking about what has just been said to you, you would know with a high degree of certainty that the rabid reacting liberal is telling you what they fear about people. And if they believe something like that about the nature of people they also have to believe it about themselves.

I’m not going to attempt to duplicate all of my research on this subject here to prove my claims. It would just take too much time and it would be too long for a simple blog post. My purpose here is to give you a simple technique you can test for yourself and see if it actually works. You don’t have to trust me on it; I’d prefer you didn’t. Just try it and prove it to yourself. The thing is in order to beat liberalism you have to know what you are dealing with.

To that effect here is something about the liberal mind that I hold as if it were a biblical truth. Liberals tell you what they fear and they fear it because they see it so clearly within themselves. The other thing I hold as if it were biblical truth is something I wrote about in Part 3 that all leftist policy is directed at making the strong weak and making the weak die, while pretending to be of help.

Putting these together, if the liberal accuses you of wanting to starve children he’s worried that he’s going to do something that will result in the starving of children. It’s always liberal policy that results in starving children!

If the liberal is rabidly for gun control he is worried about what he would do if he had a gun. Liberal policy, like that of anti-gun Chicago, results in huge increases in gun violence!

If the liberal is rabidly anti-business and accuses business of corruption and being uncaring he is telling you that if he had a business that’s exactly how he would run it. The most corrupt administrations this country has ever had have been because liberals ignore the Constitution and accept huge bribes from corrupt corporations so that laws can be written that favor them instead of the People!

If he accuses you of fascism you can know with certainty that to some degree he’s worried about being a fascist. And the fascists that everybody thinks of are the Nazis, who were a Socialist Worker’s party. It’s even in their name!

When Ted Kennedy accused George Bush of lying it’s because that’s exactly what he would have done in Bush’s position. It has to be because it’s the conclusion he immediately jumped to. If the Justice Department accuses you of being a potential domestic terrorist because you are a veteran, own a gun, and are conservative, then they think this of you because they think if they were you they’d be a terrorist too.

In everything they say and their actions toward conservatives, they are telling you their own ideas of human nature. And make no mistake; their ideas of human nature are what any decent and civilized human being would call evil.

And conservatives—God bless them—tend to do the same thing in reverse. Because they almost always want to believe the best of people, they seem to behave as if they have no spine until they become extremely angry. Because they are most generally innocent themselves (at least more so than liberals) they have a tough time calling evil for what it is. They just don’t want to confront the idea that someone could be that bad. They think because they are good and see things that way, that’s the way everybody would see them too. So they tend to underestimate the depths to which liberalism can sink.

If they have one major flaw it is in the fact that they, if they don’t understand the principles above, tend to trust liberal’s intentions too much and let things pass that clearly shouldn’t be.

So in summary; if you remember that all leftist policy is directed at making the strong weak and making the weak die, while pretending to be of help, and when they accuse you of something they tell you what they fear and they fear it because they see it so clearly within themselves, you will do a lot better against them.

But above all, and for God’s sake, don’t back down! 

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