Saturday, October 31, 2015

The anti-Liberal Techniques: Part 3

I’m going to say something in this post that will seem outrageous and extreme. It will sound like something a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist would say. There will be people who will disagree with me about it. There will be people who will insult me and call me names because of it but I’m going to say it anyway, because it needs to be said.

As with all of my writings about the evils of liberalism I want it to be known that I’m not talking about the rank-and-file MSNBC watching type of liberal who is full of media created data that could not possibly be true. Those people, misinformed as they are, are victims of true liberalism. The ones I’m talking about are rabid ones who are the driving force behind all liberal policy.

I found this meme on Twitter a couple of days ago. It’s pretty good and pretty close to the truth. I wish I knew where it came from so I could credit them for it. But there is just one thing wrong with it, in that it does not go far enough. It’s not about control; although control is a necessary part of it, control is just a means to another end.

Sun Tzu wrote in “The Art of War” that, “All warfare is based on deception.” It’s not about greed. It’s not about helping anybody or being kind to them. It’s not about saving the children or charity or anything of that nature. It’s not about our personal safety or dignity or prosperity. Above all it is not about anybody’s human rights; in spite of their statements to the contrary.

There are some additional things not included in this meme that would greatly help me make my point. Why do liberals support genocidal abortion? Why do they support known violent and destructive protest movements like “Black Lives Matter”? Why do they support Socialism and Communism and lightly brush aside the criminal actions of leaders who are sympathetic with such policies? Why do they encourage the hatred of people who are more prosperous than others?

There is something all of these things have in common which people aren’t talking about nearly enough. Particularly those who oppose the above liberal policies.

Let’s take the very wide angle lens and look at the history of this world. One thing should be immediately obvious. There’s a whole lot of killing going on. Apparently somebody wants this kind of thing to happen and wants it to happen often.

I don’t regard it as the natural state of human existence. Somebody creates the situations that kill large amounts of people and they do it on purpose. There is no way I can conceive that a mass killing, such as the ones that have littered the history of this world, would just happen as an accident.

I’ve studied a lot of human history and I’ve noticed that the largest killers of mankind in wars and mass starvations are where big governments, under the pretense of trying to help people, went out of control and wiped out anybody who opposed them. Hundreds of millions of people have been wiped out over the last century by either communist or socialist governments. Hitler was a socialist; that’s what the word Nazi means—National SOCIALIST Worker’s Party. Lenin, Stalin and Mao were communists.

Now I’m absolutely certain that I’m not the first person to point out that lots of leftism is a very bad thing accomplished by very bad people. I am pointing out something very different that not a lot of people have really caught on to enough yet.

Most people of a conservative mindset think that the liberals are doing what they do for the sake of money or power over people’s lives. That is true enough from a point of view. However those things could be accomplished in so many other ways that would cause less damage to human life, that I can’t believe they are the only motivations of the things found on the liberal agenda. I think the real end they are after is so outrageous and barbaric that most people can’t possibly believe it is true.

So here’s a very positive note on human nature. Most people are good and just want to get along peacefully in life and do their thing. They, God bless them all, believe in a certain level of innocence. They have a difficult time conceiving the idea that someone would deliberately and with pure malice want to wipe them out. That degree of evil is just far enough beyond the edge of imagination that they don’t think anybody could actually intend to do it. Even when told about it they will reject it until it is absolutely proven to them by either tanks rolling down their street or the secret police knocking their door down in the middle of the night.

This is the way it was before World War 2 in Germany. They couldn’t understand their leaders were on a path to kill as many people as possible. Hitler’s propaganda machine was so good they thought he would only act for the good of the German people and state. In their minds “good” did not add up to killing tens of millions of people. They didn’t believe it right up until it happened. They didn’t want to confront it. They didn’t want it to be. Some still don’t believe it right up to this day.

America has had it good for quite some time now. We don’t want to believe it either. I certainly don’t.

Several years ago something began to change my mind. I wrote a science fiction book called “Lucifer’s Pocket.” In that book, a fiction set thousands of years in the future, one of the characters in a fit of bad temper made the statement, once, that liberals want you dead. Well I’ll be damned if every leftist who left a review for that book didn’t leave a scathing negative review which had nothing to do with the story and everything to do with defending liberalism.

As a person who is into studying human nature I look for reactions. They indicate something. Well, when a guy who doesn’t even exist makes an offhand statement that produces a frothing rage from leftists, there’s something there. There has to be or they wouldn’t react against it. They’d just say, “Well, it’s a science fiction book,” and move on with their lives.

So I started to look at what liberals support and why they claim to support what they do. Anybody would say that they are very inconsistent at best, unless they looked at the eventual outcome of their policies. The mistake is in listening to what they say and their stated intent. Those statements are drastically different than what the policies they are supporting actually do. We should all know this by now. Where our side gets it wrong is underestimating the actual intent of the programs leftists want.

I pointed out in “The anti-Liberal Techniques: Part 1” that the programs have a tendency to be named after things that everybody would support because they sound so good. Yet those programs, like “The Great Leap Forward,” killed tens of millions of people at a time. The name of the program is what they say. Kill millions of people is what they do. So ignore what they say they are trying to do. They are lying. The point is they will say anything to make it sound like what they are doing is a good thing. They are “defending the poor” or “defending the children” or “defending the rights of women” or “defending minorities,” all the while causing disaster.

So I have to look at all liberal policy that I can and see what the results are. It’s not uncommon to find things on the internet that point out the inconsistency of the liberal policy of gun control and abortion. “If liberals want to use gun control to save children then why do they support Planned Parenthood?” See? It looks rather inconsistent when it is stated like that. Please believe me it is completely consistent. Gun control laws cause crime to go up and more people die. Planned Parenthood kills people. See?

So let’s try something different with liberal policy. If we see an apparent inconsistency like the one above, let’s ask ourselves, “What would kill the most people?” I’ve been doing this for at least three years and have eliminated all inconsistency and doubt from my mind as to the merits of liberal policy. You don’t need to look at the details, although you can if you want. The general big picture serves to inform you just as well if not better.

They want socialism. Hello Adolf. Hello Marx. Hello millions of dead people. They want redistribution of wealth. It’s useless to try and convince them that it causes poverty because they already know it and that’s what they want. Poverty makes people desperate and thus crime rates go up plus a lot of people starve and die through lack of medical attention. Speaking of which, the Affordable Care Act, will increase poverty, cause an increased lack of funds in the healthcare system, which will cause them to have to resort to rationing, then the people who get cut out through rationing will die sooner. What to do with illegal immigrants? Easy. Just let them across the border. No, don’t track them. Sure the violent crime rate is high among them so there will be more deaths. And if they overwhelm the system that protects American citizens? So what? More dead people. If the United States falls then that’s great! You know how many hundreds of millions of people the United States has saved over the years? The liberal mind screams in hatred and outrage against the United States of America only for this reason.

See what I mean? It’s completely consistent. Every time I look at any political debate the leftist is on the side of the argument that would kill the most people. Every. Single. Fricken. Time.

So why not just cut to the chase and call it what it is? All leftist policy is directed at making the strong weak and making the weak die, while pretending to be of help. Don’t doubt it, they want you dead. Every policy decision from the left is based on it. It is their highest consideration, first, last and always.

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