Saturday, October 17, 2015

The anti-Liberal Techniques: Part 1

This series of articles is for those who want to understand Liberalism at its "best" and techniques I've found helpful in fighting it.

Let’s take a step back from the immediate political crisis of the moment, put the wide angle lens on the camera, and take a look at why people buy into things.

The following is a list of some fairly famous government programs and speeches. Some of which most people have heard of. Some are kind of obscure.

Staring at number one on the list is a little thing that is called, “The Great Leap Forward.” Honestly, by the name alone who in their right mind wouldn’t want to take a great leap forward with their country? It sounds so hopeful, so optimistic. If you just sit and think about those words alone right now you would notice yourself beginning to feel an emotion which would be expressed as, “Wow, I want some of that! Sign me up.” And people who are against something like that? Lunatics.

How about, “The Cultural Revolution”? Man that sounds great to some people! You know the people living in the impoverished inner cities would really think this is a great thing. With broken down buildings falling apart all over the place, high crime rates, rampant drug abuse, violence, poverty, starvation, etc., who could deny that a little—or a lot—of revolution would be the proper order of the day; especially if it involves getting a little—or a lot—of culture spreading about the place? Again, this is an utterly fantastic idea!

Let’s throw in a leader who gives an inspiring speech with the appropriate title, “A New Beginning.” Oh my God! What could be better? We look around us and with all that is going on in the news of the world kind of tend to think that a new beginning is just what we need! Who in this life has never wished for a redo? So this New Beginning guy; that’s my man! A little bit of positive and inspirational talk in a leader never hurt anybody so I’m gonna vote for him!

As great as the so far listed programs and speeches are concerned, none of them compare to, “The Wellspring of Life.” This one just makes people kind of sit back in their chair and go, “oooooohhhhhaaa!” I know I just did. It’s almost, but not quite, orgasmic. Think about that. A government program called, “The Wellspring of Life.” That ought to be worth quite a bit of tax money to fund considering the value of life to some people. Life springs as if from a well, from the government! I can see people in line just to sign up for it. 

I’m going to go off track here for the next one just a little bit because it isn’t so much the name of a program or speech. It is the top line of the advertisement for the program, which we can, and will, discuss more of later. Anyhow, picture this as a commercial for a government program, “Strengthening working discipline in collective farms.” Isn’t that great? Who in their right mind would want weak farmers? I know I wouldn’t because I used to be a farmer. Do you realize how heavy a bushel of apples are? It takes some serious strength and working discipline to keep picking apples all day in a hot orchard lugging the damned things around. And if the government is going to help me do it? Heyyy!

And who wouldn’t want a “Great Society”? Only an anti-social nut job who hates people would be against having a great society. I challenge you to just let those words, “Great Society,” roll off your tongue for a couple of minutes and see if it is even possible to keep that positive lilt from coming into your voice as you say it.

Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes things just go badly. And sometimes the people need a “New Deal” to get rid of all the really sucky things that were included in the various forms of old deals that have collected over the years. You know what I mean? You get up at four in the morning, s**t, shower and shave, get in the car, commute to work at the same job you’ve been doing for the last twenty-three years. You can’t keep up with both the house payment and child support at the same time so you’re faced with either the bank taking you to court or your ex-wife taking you to court. Either way, you’re going to court. Well I’ve got something for you! A New Deal! Who in their right mind wouldn’t take it given the circumstances?

Who wouldn’t support a government who came up with such good speeches, policies and programs?

I wouldn’t; that’s who.

The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution were both implemented in China by Mao Tse-Tung and led to the deaths of about eighty million people.

“A New Beginning” was an editorial published by Adolf  Hitler on the 26th of February, 1925. The Wellspring of Life was a Nazi program conceived by Heinrich Himmler to advance the Aryan race by the selective breeding of SS officers.

“Strengthening working discipline in collective farms,” was a piece of Communist propaganda from when Stalin collectivized the Soviet farms, basically taking smaller farms from peasant farmers and making them into bigger farms under the control of the government. The end result of this program was tens of millions of deaths by starvation and “government compassion” through their efforts to increase the Soviet food supply.

The Great Society was a program implements by the administration of Lyndon Johnson. Its attempt was to forever and conclusively end poverty. How successful is was can be measured by the difference in today’s poverty levels as compared to the poverty levels of the mid 1960s. To date the only thing is has really accomplished was to spend over a trillion American tax dollars with no gain anywhere outside of the authority of the United States Government.

The New Deal was a two part attempt by FDR to end the Great Depression. The first one worked so poorly that upon its failure they decided to do it again, only more. The Great Depression lasted a bit more than ten years in the United States but only about two years over the rest of the entire planet. That’s how effective the New Deal, versions one and two, were at their stated aims.

So it would seem to be indicative of a general pattern. Take a program that is based on big government thuggery and give it the kind of name that makes you think it’s something warm and fuzzy; like you could snuggle up with it on a Saturday morning in the middle of October when the house seems a bit chilly. A lot of people, not having the time or motivation, will simply buy it on the title alone, without even thinking of spending the effort on reading all twenty four hundred pages of it.

Speaking of which, “The Affordable Care Act” spends truck loads of money and makes the cold you may catch on a chilly October morning the direct business of the federal government of the United States. But who in their right minds would be against affordable health care? Right? Especially when the cold you just caught could really be a flu or pneumonia. I certainly don’t want to spend a lot of money on that!

Speaking of warm and fuzzy, there is another liberally named organization out there called Planned Parenthood. While they aren’t really a government program, per se, (yeah right, as if) their founder was all about racial sterilization. But let’s not dwell on that for the moment. Let’s talk about why the name works as a propaganda issue.

Having an “unexpected” child can be embarrassing, expensive and sometimes even a compromising situation. In that light most people would say that a planned parenthood is certainly better than an unplanned parenthood. It’s just common sense; because nobody wants or supports anything to do with an unplanned parenthood. But people, in the emotion of the moment, don’t make the distinction between the phenomenon of a parenthood which is planned, that is—having kids when you want to, and Planned Parenthood, which was founded on the idea that wiping out entire races of people was a generally cool thing to do for people who associated with Nazis in the early part of the last century.

So here it is; The Liberal Technique: Part 1. Pick a really good name for the evil you are trying to accomplish. You can wipe out millions, nay, tens of millions of innocent people by picking a really cool name and people will still defend you. If you’re lucky you may even get a statue. If you want to kill forty seven million American dog owners, name the program, “The Defense of Cute, Fuzzy Little Kittens Act,” because everybody likes cute, fuzzy little kittens. If somebody points out that in the bill, line 37C, of paragraph 1482.574-4B9,7Z-1/2, on page number 2135 of 3517, calls out for the immediate genocide of millions of American dog owners just run a commercial saying all Republicans hate kittens. You’ll win.

Strengthen working discipline in collective farms.


  1. Thousand points of light, trickle down theory, and make America great again. I think the conservatives are just as bad.
    Steve Wadsworth

    1. Can you please name the conservative genocide that is just as bad Steve? Because I can't name a single genocide committed by conservatives. And trickle-down is natural economics; for all of the bogus hype the Socialists have made of it.

  2. I just need something more specific. These broad generation seem to go hand in hand with all modern politics and seem meaningless.
    I don't have any of those accounts it is asking me for so I choose anonymous. It does not have a Facebook opinion.

    1. It is the nature of politics to deal in generalities.

      I have given specifics of when and where liberal policy has resulted in extreme national distress, up to and including genocide. I can't find any objective evidence that "A Thousand Points of Light" or "Trickle-down Economics" or "Make America Great Again" have resulted in millions of starving people or genocide.

  3. What is the conservative policy?