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The widest point of disagreement between two intelligent people who can talk to each other is where there is the most to be learned. With that said, I love defeating liberals in arguments.

I'm basically a common guy. I work in a factory, building electronics. I play guitar a bit when I get the chance.

The only thing exceptional about me is that I'm a compulsive thinker. For as long as I can remember people have been telling me that I have a way with words; so I put that to use as often as possible. I love to write and have written two books, so far, with another one in the works. I read constantly and when my work doesn't allow me to read I listen to audio books. If my mind isn't constantly receiving new information I begin to feel that life loses its purpose.

I regard myself as a political philosopher, preferring to dig for core human principles underlying government, rather than exploring the many various, emotional, disjointed, illogical and irrational issues of so-called political science. When I do comment on an issue you can be certain that there is a principle just beneath the surface.

I can't even begin to list the subjects I've studied here, although I can say that philosophy, history, human nature and politics are currently the center of my attention.

I insist on being self educated and unless in a purely technical and practical field; physics, electronics, engineering, etc., I reject entirely the modern college educational system (it's kind of a John Galt sort of thing). The reason being the educational system is set up to teach within a given pattern of structured thought. Once this pattern of thought is ingrained into a person's mind I think they lose the ability to think outside the framework they've been instructed in. They go into a rut. Their grades are decided by how well they can imitate a parrot more than their ability to generate an independent thought. In other words they are taught what to think rather than how to think. This is not meant as a slight on them personally, they can be repositories of large amounts of data, it's just the system. Thus for my interests colleges are not only useless but detrimental.

It has been my observation that the world runs primarily on thought. As you think, so shall it be. The world is the way it is only because people think it is that way, or should be, and then proceed to make it that way. If a person wants to change the world they cannot do it by thinking the same thing that has always been thought before. Because if people don't think to do something else they won't do something else. Modern institutions of learning have had the run of the world for quite some time. They have made the world what it is by teaching people to think this is the way it should be. Well, if this is the best they can do, I'd just rather think something else. So I don't allow them to "pollute" my mind with the same old thing everybody else is thinking of.

Politically speaking I tend to be more of a Libertarian. Big government runs on the premises set forth in the modern institutions of learning. I believe that people are basically good and most of them are just trying to get along in the world but are doing so on some very bad information. Some of that bad information comes from bad schooling (not that the teachers are bad, they've been given the same bad education) or from the Main Stream Media. Because people are basically good—and I really can make the argument for this assumption—they need very little government and generally resent people with guns looking over their shoulder all the time. Big government serves its own ends and not the people's.

I will say little about the Main Stream Media here other than they have their agenda. They make their money by promoting and selling chaos. Rarely to they make money from the truth.

This blog is thus dedicated to the fight for truth. Truth that cannot come from Big Government, the Main Stream Media or a modern college education in political science, philosophy or anything dealing with the humanities because those people have too much to gain or lose by being dishonest. It is only a viewpoint from an average guy who just happens to spend a lot of time thinking.

Oh, yes, I should mention that I tend to be a bit sarcastic at times.

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