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How to Destroy the Two Party System: IWFTCP Principles

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution. — John Adams

Are you tired of the two party political system? I sure as hell am!

It's interesting that the idea behind forming the political parties was so people who have common sets of political values and interests could group together, work together, and influence the government to pass law in accordance with those values. Republicans are supposed to be conservative, such and such, while Democrats are supposed to be liberal, so and so, and Libertarians, well, they are supposed to be as little government as possible.

While I tend to be closer in my political philosophy to the Libertarians, or the Republicans when they are doing what they promise to do—which never seems to last very long—I have recently discovered something about them all that shook my world. They don't exist to help you influence the government to pass laws according to your values. They exist to get you to compromise your values until whatever is left is in accordance with their goals for themselves.

It is not about you. Ever. It is about them and their power and how they can twist what you want, so that you support what they want, with little or nothing left of what you wanted for yourself.

Look at the primary process of both of the major parties.

Democrats basically had Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as viable candidates. The party kneecapped Bernie Sanders with "super delegates" who were shills for Clinton, almost from the very start. So by the time the general election came around they were faced with either Hillary or Trump. From the perspective of the Bernie supporters, they are now asked to compromise their values for the "lesser of two evils" in order to prevent the "greater of two evils" from winning. If this sounds familiar to you, it should. Generally speaking I have absolutely no use for liberals so I won't waste any more time on them.

Republicans had a whole truck load of people. Almost all of them who would follow the Constitution were eliminated from the beginning. Most of this, I think, is because the Republican Party has become filled with people who don't understand the Constitution or simply don't care about it. In the end it came down to the guy with political experience, who knows the Constitution, and the guy without political experience, substituting business experience instead, who very obviously does not understand the Constitution. Before you assume I'm a dedicated, #NeverTrump, Cruz guy, and am only writing this out of bias towards him, and some sort of harbored animosity because my candidate didn't win, Ted Cruz was fourth from the top on my list.

Now the thing about Republicans is that they are supposed to be the party of limited government under the Constitution. Yet somehow when they are on the verge of doing something that could really change the way things are going, toward the constitutionally limited government they purport to want, some gang of some number cave in and snatch defeat for themselves from the jaws of victory by siding with their opponents. In the mean time your values, that you wanted to be expressed through the government via the Republican Party, have been compromised with values that you opposed.

There are a lot of things, both positive and negative to be said about Donald Trump. I'm going to go with the positive. He's better than Hillary Clinton. He's obviously a superlative businessman. He understands money and the way business works. To even begin to be that successful in business you have to be a very good leader. However, I don't think that experience translates to a positive when it comes to a Constitutionally limited government. The two instincts—the businessman verses a limited government politician—are diametrically opposed. The purpose of business is to grow. The instincts of a businessman, a leader, is to make the business grow. The purpose of the president of the United States, under the constitutionally limited government, is to make the federal government remain small.

When I listen to Donald Trump I hear nothing but his plans to use federal government power to fix everything. It is not the purpose of a president under the Constitution to fix everything for us, according to his wishes. It is to keep the government operating under constitutional limits so that we can be free to fix everything for ourselves, according to our own wishes. That's what freedom is.

So the party of the constitutionally limited government—which is the reason why most conservatives joined it in the first place—nominated a guy who apparently doesn't understand the Constitution, and has no government experience, to be president of the United States.

Now your values, hopefully expressed through the government via the Republican Party, have been compromised. Very obviously. And now, under the threat of something that would be catastrophically worse—Hillary Clinton—you are asked to compromise your values in order to prevent the greater of existing evils.

And you know what? THEY KNOW FULL WELL THAT YOU WILL DO IT. Well then, just ask yourself, what would happen if they knew full well that you WOULDN'T do it?

You have been played and betrayed from the very beginning, just like Bernie supporters. You have been pushed inch by inch away from the Constitution by them. Because they know in the end, if they can paint you into a corner and make the situation appear desperate enough, you'll cave in, in order to prevent something worse.

The fact is that the Republican Party has abandoned the Constitution. And if you are a constitutionalist, as I am, they have abandoned you as well. I'm so tired of pulling Republican knives from my back, because of their "reaching across the aisle to get things done" that I refuse to play along anymore.

When I joined the Navy I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution; and bear true faith and allegiance to the same. That means that if I compromise the principles of that oath to support any party or person who will not follow the Constitution, I am at the very best case complicit with treasonous behavior to the United States of America. That, if you're not used to hearing it, sounds extreme I'll admit, but I assure you, the definitions of the words I'm using are correct. And the Constitution is not an extreme position, it's the supreme law of the land.

Be that as it may, whatever else any person who votes for the lesser of two evils is doing, they are fully endorsing the two party system by playing along.

Again I ask you; what if they KNEW full well that you WOULD NOT play along?

That, my friends, is the seed crystal thought behind the start of the "I Will Follow the Constitution Party" (IWFTCP).

This party is unique and simple. It is a movement of only individuals whose political dedication is only to the Constitution. The only principles of the IWFTCP start with, "We the People..." and end with the signature of George Washington and his friends—plus the legally passed amendments. There are no debates between us. There is no nominee for you to compromise your principles with or for. There are no conventions or meetings required, although if you want to meet with other IWFTCP members that is up to you. There is no criticism from other members for not picking the "lesser of two evils." There is no pressure to side with any candidate or against any other, for any reason. Whether you assume yourself to be the only member, or one of many, is completely irrelevant. You are a party of one. It's totally up to you.

The candidate either follows the Constitution, or he loses your support. Period. The End. No negotiations. No compromise. It's just you and your decision whether you believe him or not.

Now if you want, you can call me the originator of this party. I am most certainly that. But I want nothing else from it; not your money, not your support, not your recognition, not your admiration, nothing except the destruction of the two party system and the re-establishment of the United States Constitution. Neither I, nor any other true member of the IWFTCP, will seek to wield any power over you whatsoever.

There are really only two things I would kindly ask of you. This, by definition, is a movement of individuals according only to their own determinism, so I have no right to require anything of you. But if the singular goal of the IWFTCP—the understanding and full restoration of the Constitution—is one you share, you would see the benefits of my request. The first is that you learn the Constitution. In this I can be somewhat helpful. The second is that you pass the idea along in any way you can. If you like you can put my name to it but by no means is that a requirement of any sort. It's not about me. It's about you.

Membership to this party is the simplest thing in the world. You look in the mirror and take the following oath, "I will follow the Constitution," and MEAN IT. At that point you are a party member until such time as you knowingly don't follow the Constitution. Then, by your own considerations, you will have ejected yourself from the party. You need not notify anybody either way but you can if you want to. It's up to you.

The one thing that I would very strongly recommend for all IWFTCP members is to KNOW the Constitution as well as you can. To this end I'm going to get a little bit philosophical on you.

It is in the nature of knowledge of any sort, that the immunity for making mistakes through ignorance is gained through direct knowledge of the subject. Now the following is not intended to talk down to anybody, it's just an obvious example of the principle behind the preceding sentence.

This is the color "red"             . Got it? That's knowledge. You perceive the color red and have named it in your mind, henceforth and forever more, red. Any time you see this color,             , you think "aah! red." You know it is red and that much is fully beyond doubt.

Now suppose the Supreme Court of the United States issues a ruling that this color,             , is red? Unless you are extremely colorblind in a way that nobody in the history of mankind has ever been, you could not possibly be fooled by any argument they would make, following any precedent ever concocted by the most insane of human minds, that this color,              is red. It's kind of obvious isn't it?

You know this is red,             , and this,             , is blue. Don't you? You instantly recognize it. You instantly know that anybody who tells you anything else is full of crap and of that there is no doubt. That simple demonstration is immunity from making mistakes through ignorance.

It's the same thing with the Constitution if you know it. Really.

Article One, Section Eight tells us the only powers the federal government is allowed to have. The Tenth Amendment tells us that the government is not allowed to take any powers other than those. That's red,              if you know the Constitution well enough to establish some certainty on the matter.

You must know the Constitution well enough to instantly recognize any power the federal government takes onto itself, above Article One, Section Eight, immediately looks like this              to you.

When Chief Justice Roberts says, "Obamacare is constitutional because it's a tax," you know immediately and obviously that he is wrong. And yes, the Supreme Court can be just as wrong as any other branch of the federal government. When a candidate for president says, "we need to build a better and stronger Navy," you know immediately and obviously that he is talking about a valid Constitutional power.

Now there are times when it can be a bit confusing, so you have to have some power to discern one thing rapidly from another. When a candidate tells you he wants to, "repeal and replace Obamacare," you have to rapidly know that any replacement would be as unconstitutional as Obamacare because there is no provision in the Constitution that gives the government power to regulate your healthcare in any way, form, or manner. Get it? It sounds good, and it might even be an improvement, but if you look at it, it's not Constitutional.

So here's what I think you should do, and it's completely up to you if you do it or not. Read Article One, Section Eight and identify the powers that Congress is limited to. Read the Tenth Amendment and understand that they are not allowed to do anything else. Know them with some certainty. Then go to any candidate's website, copy the text to a word processor, and highlight each part of it red or blue, according to the powers in Article One, Section Eight. Then decide only based on the percentage of it that is red or blue if you want to vote for that candidate or not.


After you have done so it would be extremely helpful to the Constitution if you would call or write the candidate and let them know why you made your decision, limiting your conversation only to constitutional issues.

Let them know that you will not compromise the Constitution for the sake or support of any candidate or party politics. Let them know that you WILL NOT play along with two party considerations. When they suggest something unconstitutional, the proper question is, "what article, section, clause or amendment gives them that power?" If it isn't there it isn't there.

In America it is not the Democrats or Republicans who have the real power. It is you, as a party one, who has that power. They've known it all along. It's time you knew it two.

Rise up and take it back.


For those who may seek to hijack the IWFTCP, I am registering the Trademark. If you try to use or organize the IWFTCP for any purpose other than the understanding and full restoration of the Constitution, I will sue the ever-living crap out of you. Other than that the IWFTCP, its logos and Trademarks are fully open to anybody who wishes to restore the Constitution. This is not the establishment of another "third party" in a two party system. It is the only thing that will destroy the two party system. It is the establishment of a No Party System.

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