Sunday, October 16, 2016

Keeping the Constitution Working

When I announced my run for the presidency in 2016 I also announced the formation of a new political party to support myself and other candidates who may be like me; dedicated to the following of the United States Constitution. The name of this party is hereby officially the, I Will Follow The Constitution Party, or abbreviated the IWFTCP. I also think it necessary to produce a set of rules for those who wish to join my political party. That is the purpose of this post.

Here at the I Will Follow The Constitution Party there is really only one hard and fast rule. You must, in all things related to the federal government of the United States, without apology or excuse, follow, and insist that all members of the federal government, as well as those running for federal office, follow the Constitution of the United States, in context, and as it is written. Okay, that's a rather complicated sentence so the short version is that you must follow the Constitution. Always.

That's it. There are no other rules, restrictions, qualifications, or any of that other tripe that other political parties engage in to try to force you to comply with the values of their life. There is no "moderate" or "conservative" or "liberal" or any other thing like that here. It's completely binary; Constitution one hundred percent with no alternative. We here at the IWFTCP, while being supportive, or not, of whatever other values you do or don't have, don't give a rat's ass for whatever else you believe, or not. Or maybe we do, but it's none of our freaking business anyway, because we only have one business—the following of the United States Constitution.

Membership is the easiest thing in the world because there is nobody who is going to enforce it on you. All you have to do to join my political party is say, "I Will Follow The Constitution," and sincerely mean it. If you don't mean it, you're out by your own considerations. If you do mean it you are a full member in good standing with honors. There are no dues to pay. Don't send me any money because I don't want it. However, if you wish to pay some dues anyway, join the military, and when you take the oath and come to the part about supporting and defending, "the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic," mean it with all of your heart, and as far as the IWFTCP goes, your dues will be fully paid with the highest of honors and a lifetime membership.

Now as voluntary members taking on the burdens of the IWFTCP, there are some things that need to be done if we are to be successful in our singular goal. I've narrowed it down to ten things we have to be aware of and do at all times if we are to put this country back on track with the Constitution. These ten things are somewhat axiomatic and philosophical, while at the same time completely secular, so they should violate nobody's religious interests. These are not rules, per se, because there is really only one rule; follow the Constitution. I offer them merely as suggestions of things an IWFTCP member in good standing could, or perhaps should, do to keep the Constitution working.

1. You should have the correct Constitution. I know, I know. It's very basic but that's what the Constitution is about. You have to have the Constitution of the United States rather than the Constitution of say, Russia or France. (Could someone please tell Justice Ginsburg this?) The current version of the U.S., consisting of twenty-seven amendments is available many places on line and in many forms. There are also little pocket Constitutions, sometimes with the Declaration of Independence, that you can get pretty cheap from most anyplace that sells books. I have a PDF right here on my desktop. Were it a hardcopy it would have been worn out and replaced several times over, given all the times I've referred to it.

2. You should know the Constitution. Okay, you don't have to memorize it, verbatim and in full. Just read it enough to get the wheels greased. That way, for example, when some politician says to you, "healthcare," your BS detector goes off and informs you that there is no federal power in the Constitution to do anything whatsoever about it, and anything that they are doing about it is treasonous against the Constitution. In my own humble estimation Article One, Sections Eight and Nine, plus a very clear understanding of the Tenth Amendment, should give you almost everything you need to know about the things the federal government is and is not allowed to do.

3. You should know the Constitution is correct. This is probably the most difficult part of it because there has to be some historical understanding to back it up. Otherwise it becomes a faith rather than something that can be proven, argued or observed. While I tend to back people of faith up fully, a person's intangible belief is a weaker argument for convincing a non-believer than clearly demonstrable facts. There is the additional problem, which I will not expound upon too much here, that several of the amendments are themselves violations of the Constitution. In short, however, any amendment that contains words to the effect of, "Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation," are clear violations of the Tenth Amendment and should be repealed, with those powers transferred to the States.

But I digress. The point is that the Constitution is a limitation on the powers of federal government to interfere with the business of the State or the individual lives of the People. Within that context there is a maximal amount of individual freedom with a minimal amount of interference from the federal government. It could be said to be axiomatic that, "less government equals more fun." That is the point of the Constitution. Through knowing and observing this to be true you can also know that the Constitution is as correct as any governmental philosophy that has ever existed on this planet.

4. You should teach correctly the correct Constitution. That's an uphill battle for sure! And it requires the most patience. There is so much false data about it in circulation that it boggles the mind to try to comprehend it all. For example, have you ever heard that the Constitution says that, "black people are only three fifths of a person"? Wrong, false, not even close to what it actually says. Well, let this serve as an example of how to teach correctly the correct Constitution. Open up your copy of the Constitution, hopefully obtained in step one above, to Article One, Section Two. Read the words that are actually there. Don't take someone else's word for it, even mine. Look at what it says. Got it?

That's how it's done. Don't tell them what it means. Above all don't argue with them or be a troll about it. Make them read it and understand it for themselves. If they don't understand the words get them a dictionary and teach them what the words mean. But they must read the words from the actual Constitution for themselves and understand them. If you can get them to demonstrate that understanding, so much the better.

Occasionally it will happen that there is some background needed to fill in the gaps. The Framers of the Constitution didn't explain within the actual text exactly what they were talking about in all cases. For these instances I recommend only two historical sources; The Federalist Papers, and James Madison's notes on the Constitutional Convention. Don't go to any other source with a "more modern interpretation." They are almost all pure bunk.

5. You should apply the Constitution. This is where elections come in. It is none of my business whom you support for any office. But if you are a member of the IWFTCP in good standing (by your own consideration) you should never, never, NEVER!!! vote for someone who will not follow the Constitution. What I do is go down a prospective candidate's web page, with Constitution in hand, and look at what he or she is proposing to do with federal power. If I can't find anything in the actual text of the Constitution to support what they suggest as a use for federal power, I mark them off my list and never look back. Such a person, who would not follow the Constitution while holding federal office, are committing treason against their oath and the Constitution. Period.

Draw the line in the sand and don't cross it for any reason. More importantly, let them and their supporters know that's what you are doing. It's about supply and demand in that sense. If we demand it, sooner or later someone will have to supply it or face political oblivion. This is a movement we are trying to start here. Do not for any reason support someone who will not follow the Constitution.

6. You should see that the Constitution is correctly applied. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of issues this can be applied to. An example (and it is just an example) of this would be the so-called, "marriage equality rights." Now for those of you who are rather hot headed on this subject, I would ask that you take a momentary step back, count to ten, a hundred, a thousand, or whatever it takes, and read this part of my text above again: "We here at the IWFTCP, while being supportive, or not, of whatever other values you do or don't have, don't give a rat's ass for whatever else you believe, or not. Or maybe we do, but it's none of our freaking business anyway, because we only have one business—the following of the United States Constitution."

The FACT is that the federal government has absolutely no, none, zero, zip, nada, power to affect marriage rights or equality at all. This kind of power is just not in the Constitution except as in the Tenth Amendment where all things of that nature are left to the States and the People. It is none of the federal government's business who, or how, you, as a consenting adult, choose to relate to any other consenting adult. I would also say that it is none of any government's business to insert itself into any person's personal relationships anywhere, anytime, for any reason. But that's just me. What you believe is up to you. And if you think a local or State government should have that kind of power it is beside the point of this article to comment on it. The IWFTCP is only concerned with federal power and State power as described in the Constitution. Your morals are your own, as it is you that has to live with the responsibility and consequences.

So when the Supreme Court issues a decree (again, for example) that States have to recognize marriage equality because the Fourteenth Amendment (one of them that is unconstitutional anyway) says, "blah, blah, blah, blah," you should know the Constitution is not being correctly applied and take whatever legal and peaceful actions you can to correct it, or nullify it.

7. You should hammer out of existence unconstitutional laws. To be blunt here; every federal or State law (where State laws apply to it) that are not specifically mentioned as an appropriate power in some Article, Section or Clause of the Constitution has to go. Obamacare? Bye bye! Welfare? Hasta la vista baby! And for those who want to repeal and replace Obamacare; really? Please! Any replacement would be just as unconstitutional!

There are some very difficult ones here. Sorry folks. There is just nothing in the Constitution about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Now before you recoil in horror at the propaganda possibility of throwing grandma off the cliff, these are programs that a lot of people have paid into as a result of forceful and unconstitutional federal laws. This is debt that the federal government owes on the promises that they made to people who contributed to these programs. To not pay that money back, or give appropriate value in return for it, would be just as unconstitutional as continuing those programs. It is for people who are more number oriented than I to figure out the exact specifics as to how to do it. Nonetheless, those sorts of programs must end with fair value given for any money taken.

8. We should knock out incorrect applications of the Constitution. When some dolt of a politician says something like, "the General Welfare Clause gives us the authority to take money from some rich guy and give it to some poor guy," you should know full well that he's talking about an incorrect application of the Constitution. Look at what the General Welfare Clause actually says please, and do whatever you can to oppose this person. When a judge or justice says, "according to  Muckenfutch vs Duschebag the Commerce Clause means that a chicken farmer in Ohio can't grow his own chickenfeed because it affects prices across state lines," know that that justice or judge is a domestic enemy and oppose him. There are thousands of these kinds of things. At least we won't be bored.

9. We should close the door on any possibility of unconstitutional laws. "How do I do that?" you might be inclined to ask. Well I've got an answer for you. Don't vote for anybody for Congress, or the presidency, who suggests, proposes or has done anything not within constitutional power. And if someone gets in who does propose something unconstitutional, kindly, or not, inform them of their overt act and let them know that you will never vote for them again. No compromises. You cannot compromise with treason. Ever. Again you must inform them wherever possible that that's what you are doing.

This one only differs from number five above, in that in number five it is you who is following the Constitution. Whereas here in number nine, you are demanding that they follow the Constitution.

10. We should close the door on incorrect applications of the Constitution. This answer on this one is just about the same as the last one. It would apply more specifically to the appointing judges and justices who support the Constitution, and eliminating any who don't, as much as electing members of Congress or the presidency.

That's it. That's what I think we should do to keep the Constitution working.

You can reasonably expect that at first our take on this will be looked upon as "stubborn" and "unpopular." If this kind of thing scares you I invite you to take a good long look at what being "flexible" and "accepted" has gotten us, and tell me that that isn't even more terrifying. It is only our freedom and the existence of the United States at stake. There can be no reasonable compromise with treason against the Constitution, and it should be well understood that that is exactly what we are talking about here.

In the IWFTCP there is no such thing as, "in name only." You either do it or you don't.

I hope you decide to do it.

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