Sunday, June 12, 2016

Politics, Football and Insanity

It has been often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I don't wish to quibble too much with the venerable Albert Einstein but I think that is more of a symptom of insanity rather than a precise and workable definition. Be that as it may, it works well enough to help illustrate why our country is in danger of losing its constitutional freedoms.

If you keep voting for the lesser of two evils you will never get different results. You are continuing to do the same thing over and over. Under Einstein's definition above it would seem that those Conservatives who would support the Constitution have lost their minds. Yes, the left has always said our side of the aisle is insane; and under that definition they are somewhat correct, although not in the way that they are thinking.

Look at it this way; in football you win the game by moving the ball forward down the field towards the opposite end zone. You do not ever, under any circumstances, compromise with that goal if you expect to win. The other team does the same when they control the ball.

If you run plays that continuously give up several yards because you are so afraid the opposition is going to take more, and do it on every play, it is inevitable that you will lose the game. It would be irrational to think that the game could ever be won on such a basis. Just imagine how long the head coach would last if he said to the owners of the team that, "The offensive line of the other team is so strong and vicious and wants to get to that end zone so badly that I'm going to give them a three to five yard head start on every play in order to keep them from getting a first down." He'd be fired in the first season if he ever got the job to begin with.

The fans who believe in such a strategy would be the most disappointed and fearful group of people in the history of the sport. In fact they'd likely get used to losing and just think that that's the way it is; and they would never have any chance otherwise. The sports media would laugh at them, mock them and tell them that their team would never win. Sooner or later they wouldn't even bother to show up at the game because the team itself would have absolutely no confidence that they could ever win.

Regarding the players on the team itself; who of any talent would ever want to play on the team that is always willing to give up its position on the field and loses several yards every play?

In the game of politics in this country, our goal is the United States under the Constitution, in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The goal of the opposition is oppression, death and tyranny. Never doubt that; and never doubt their conviction that they want it with all of their heart and will unwaveringly attempt to do it at all costs. Their goal is to reach the end zone behind the Constitutional team; always, just as in football.

Now we find ourselves as conservatives in the position that if Donald Trump wins, we lose maybe five yards. If Killary wins we lose ten. Last election we were in the position that if Romney would have won we would have a loss of two or three yards. But Obama won so that's a loss of twelve or so. Before that we had McCain, who if elected would have been a loss of maybe five yards verses another ten to twelve of Obama. Bush43 was a loss of maybe a yard or two. Clinton was a loss of eight or nine yards against Dole who would have been a loss of about three yards. Bush41 was a loss of a yard or two.

So that's five yards for Trump, three for Romney, five for McCain, two for Bush43, three for Dole and two for Bush41. In other words, the guys on our side of the field were prepared to give up twenty yards of the field before anything was even played, out of the fear of losing more than that. In exchange for those considerations we are now in the position of having lost forty-one; and stand to lose more than that either way the next play goes. Is it any wonder our side doesn't have a solid fan base anymore? How could it possibly be any wonder that we don't have any good and solid players on our team?

The most striking thing about this scenario is that THE LIBERALS KNOW THEIR GOAL IS TO MOVE THE BALL DOWN THE FIELD INTO THE END ZONE AND THEY NEVER LOSE SITE OF THAT GOAL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. They will never willingly yield any position on the field because they are oriented toward their goal. You can count on that more than the value of gold and from that, what they will do becomes as predictable as gravity. They never fear losing a couple of yards because they can be counted on to persist on the strategy of moving the ball down the field to the end zone that they are facing. Their candidates are always going to try to move towards tyranny as far and as fast as possible. Even if they occasionally lose a yard or two, or ten, or twenty, they will never lose sight of their orientation on the field. They will never compromise with that.

Compare that to the Conservative goal, which apparently is no longer to reach the end zone on the other side of the field, but to instead simply keep from losing even more yards. We've given up completely on the possibility of winning the game for the goal of keeping the next play from scoring a touchdown in the end zone immediately behind us. The goal of our side is to give up a couple of yards, yet again, in order to keep from losing a couple more yards than that. This is the same as every election since Reagan; who was the last president to move the ball in our direction.

Now here's the reality of the situation. The argument that it will mean the immediate destruction of the country, and/or your freedoms, unless you vote for "Me" as opposed to "The Other Guy" has been used since Adams and Jefferson were running against each other in order to decide who was going to fill Washington's shoes. Yet somehow the country is still here. It will always be here as long as there are people who will uphold and defend the Constitution. This country can only end when We the People no longer believe in the principles of our founding documents and fail to support them.

Good and talented people will always accumulate around the attitude of people who are determined to win.  

If you believe it is impossible for us to win, I assure you, it will be. The only way out of this loop is to adopt the attitude that it is possible to reach the goal and win; and act accordingly. Never under any circumstance vote for or support someone who is going to move the ball toward the enemy's goal; and make it well known and beyond all doubt that that's exactly what you are doing and all that you are ever going to do.

Confidence is essential. Always plan to reach the other end of the field and know that if you continue with that postulate, no matter what may happen in the meantime, you will sooner or later reach the goal. Never plan out of fear of losing. Fear is an emotion, not a principle. Stand for something! Fear of losing is meaningless next to the confidence and determination to win.

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