Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bernie Sanders and Propaganda

Hey look people, I don't know why some absolutely refuse to see this. If someone wants power to make a decision for you with regards to your personal life, they want it for their benefit, not yours. 

There is nothing wrong with expecting hard work to pay off. And some people don't work hard. And some people don't create much value for the work that they do. And some jobs are low level entry work for unskilled labor just starting in the work force. And some jobs are for people with families while others are not.

There is something wrong with Sander's assumption that the federal government should have any authority or right to tell people who work in the private sector what they should or shouldn't pay or make. Especially under the penalty of the law. And especially regardless of other circumstances.

If you ran a company you would bitterly resent the federal government threatening to fine or imprison you for not paying someone more than you could afford to pay them.

And the phrasing of Sanders' statement is such that if you disagree with him, he would respond with something that would suggest you are for people living in poverty. It's a rather cute public relations propaganda trick to make you think that the federal government should dictate wages when all they want is the power to control the votes of the People while using the poverty issue as leverage.

There is one thing, and only one thing, that Bernie Sanders wants. His power to control your life. And he gets that by playing the poor against the rich, just like any other communist who ever wanted to be a tyrant. In the end, should he ever get his way, he would use his power to stab you and the rest of those who he considers peasants in the back.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Pledge of Allegiance

I saw a posting earlier asking if I support the Pledge of Allegiance. I just thought I'd share my thoughts as I remember them the first couple of hundred times I recited it. My thoughts will be represented in parenthesis.

"I pledge allegiance, (What's allegiance mean? What's pledge?) to the flag, (okay with that part, there it is up there) of the United States of America. (Cool. Everybody's doing it so I'm apparently supposed to as well so I won't get picked on. What's United States mean?) And to the republic, (What's a republic?) for which it stands, (I'm standing. There's the flag. I'm confused about that part.) one nation under God, (Resisting the almost indomitable urge to look up and see if I can see him there. Nobody else is. I better not either.) invisible, (INVISIBLE? Okay, I don't even know what it is or what I'm doing talking about it but now I can't even see it.) with liberty and justice for all. (What ever that means.)

It's not disrespect. Just a confused six year old taking an oath to something he knows not what of and couldn't possibly understand. This is what children think when you throw things at them that they have absolutely no knowledge of and no way to understand in any meaningful context. This is what I thought while reciting it.

It is not that the concepts are difficult. It's that I didn't know the words. Nor did I have any possible way to evaluate them in the context which they were intended. If you love this county and understand, along with its oath of allegiance, you have my full support in taking the oath. If you don't love this county and don't wish to swear you allegiance to it you also have my support in not doing so.

It is cruel to force someone to swear an allegiance to something, anything, when they don't understand what it is they are swearing to. It is cruel to force them to swear an oath to something that they don't wish to support. An oath is meaningless, quite literally as well as practically, under those circumstances.

If you want your children to take the oath I hope you will teach them all of the words of it so they will understand it. You should also teach them the history of this country in its proper context and ask them for their willing participation. Otherwise it's just meaningless words at best. Hypnotism at worst.

One other thing you should consider, the Pledge of Allegiance, was written by a Socialist, Francis Julius Bellamy, in order to indoctrinate school children into the fundamentals of Socialism. Really. Look it up.