Monday, October 5, 2015

The Budget, the National Debt and my Radical Wife

I see there is another round of budget debates going on in DC and can't help thinking that it kind of reminds me of some events going on in my life that are a little bit closer to home.

My wife and I have been having a bit of financial trouble lately and she seems rather pissed off that I’ve been spending 40% more than we make. We’ve racked up so much debt the credit agencies are going to downgrade our credit ratings. But we negotiated a deal between us that will certainly fix everything. Instead of me spending 40% more than we take in I’m going to spend 39.999975% more than we take in over the rest of this year and over the next ten years I’ll work that number all the way down to 38.6% more than we take in. I'm sure it will work and make us look good with the credit agencies because of our serious efforts to reduce our deficit.

Now what she wanted was to do some irresponsible and radical thing like balance our budget so that I would be spending less than we take in and actually use the difference to pay down our huge debt. But that was just too radical and besides, it's for the children!

Now I'd like to write more about it but I'm far to busy filling out the applications for these new credit cards that I need to use to pay our bills.

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