Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Liberals, Insanity and Gun Control

I can’t help but noticing that there is a lot more attention being paid to the issues of mental health after mass shootings than there used to be. I think it is time to start laying the ground for the next level of argument.

To the leftists in the world conservatives are just plain mean. That is the single starting point of their logic.

Now when we say we’d rather start looking at the mental health of the shooters involved and start naming them as mentally ill, as they clearly are, the left is going to respond by saying conservatives just hate the mentally ill. They won’t respond in a rational way by applying what we are saying only to the shooters on a case by case basis. They will respond by saying we are claiming all mentally ill people to be mass shooters rather than all mass shooters are mentally ill.

There is a difference. It would be like saying all Fords are cars but not all cars are Fords.

Their propaganda machines will deliberately get it wrong every single time to try and invalidate our point and take the current level of attention to the mental illness aspects of the cases and put it back on gun control and how hateful and unsympathetic conservatives are to the insane.

I know this is true because it just happened to me. By specifically saying the most recent shooter was insane I am unmercifully and unfairly labeling all people, with all mental illnesses, of all types, everywhere, and as it was just put to me, “giving them a bad rap.” We are obviously doing it because of hatred for everybody who isn't like us.

So I’m guessing that not too far around the bend there are going to be all kinds of liberal “defend the mentally ill from evil and mean conservatives” groups popping up all over the place.

Sanity is the ability to distinguish differences. For example, if a person couldn’t distinguish the difference between a car and a tomato, and tried to drive a tomato to work, you would think him insane. Right?

Well, what if a group of people couldn’t tell the difference between a group of people and an individual? Then because of that assigned the actions of an entire group of people with the actions of only one of them? That would be insane wouldn’t it?

That is going to be the next insane argument from liberals about gun control. It’s already started. And here's an early instance of this insanity at work ...

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