Monday, April 22, 2013

Operation Mindcrime

I have become quite intrigued with the conspiracy theories of late.

Whether it’s the shootings in Arizona or the theater where Batman is playing or the most recent bombing at the Boston marathon, as well as the Sandy Hook school shootings, I can completely understand and certainly support the asking of intelligent questions. One theme that seems to occur over and over in these conspiracy theories is that these events are false flag operations. The claims are repeatedly made that these events did not in fact occur.

This fascinates me. I find myself wondering why government officials, or anybody else for that matter, would go through all the trouble and risk of staging a false event for the purpose of the agitating of society and manipulating them to some nefarious end, when there would be so much less possibility of them getting caught at promoting and instigating or causing a real event. This seems somehow unrealistic to me. Especially when you consider that somebody who’s going to be dishonest to that degree would not have a second thought about actually harming people. So why wouldn't they kill somebody? The effect created by a real event would be at least equal, if not greater than what would be created by a false flag event.

While I’m not very much into conspiracy theories, I do believe the government is not always honest with us. Some portions of the government I distrust entirely. I’m also willing to believe that there are covert operations happening within the government that even most of the rest of the government is not aware of.

Because I believe these events have really happened I do not believe they are false flag operations. However, if I wanted to go down the conspiracy theory road, a much more provable concept for a conspiracy would be to call them Operation Mindcrime events. This is not only a cool album by Queensr├┐che but I think it’s a pretty darn good conspiracy theory as well.

Let me explain.

There is a technique for brainwashing that is very old and has been practiced in covert operations around the world and throughout history. It is called pain drug hypnosis. It’s fairly well presented, in a pop culture sort of way, in the movie called the Manchurian Candidate. More precisely, this would be done by taking a person who is sort of unbalanced to begin with and has access to weapons; like Jared Lee Loughner for example. For days or weeks, whatever it took, you pull this guy aside and fill him full of drugs. He was on drugs anyway, so that would arouse the least suspicion. You would then shoot him full of sodium pentothal, nitrous oxide or some other drug that is known for its hypnotic properties. While he was high on these drugs you would inflict some kind of pain on him. This could be done by electric shock without leaving any marks that would arouse suspicion. Then you simply tell him to go out and assassinate whoever you wanted dead, or since you’re simply trying to create chaos, just tell them to go to some public gathering like a political event. At the end of this procedure you would tell him that he could not remember the procedure itself. Sooner or later, if you've done this enough times, you’ll get one that will come through for you and create the state of public agitation that you’re looking for.

Even that plan is more than you need to do to accomplish the goal of creating public fear. It would still be very messy and leave quite an evidence trail behind you. There may be a better way to manipulate the public into fear and chaos while leaving almost no evidence trail.

There were 27 deaths during the clinical trials for Prozac and yet this drug made it onto the market. As it turns out the FDA panel that approved of the drug for public consumption was full of people who had vested interests in Lilly Pharmaceuticals. Does this sound like the beginning of a conspiracy yet? The government and pharmaceutical companies would let a harmful drug onto the market that causes and suicide knowing full well that it is dangerous to the public. This is a surprisingly common occurrence.

So now we have a government releasing onto the market not only Prozac but tons of other mind altering drugs with the promise that they will make life better, knowing full well that they have caused death instead. I will leave you to do your own research, as I have done mine, and come to the discovery that almost every mass shooting has had some connection to psychiatric medications. What better conspiracy could you come up with than an Operation Mindcrime, where the public is manipulated through fear using psychiatrists, big pharmaceuticals selling addictive mind altering drugs that cause violent tendencies, and the government working together?

Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Batman theater, the Arizona shooting and many others, have these elements in common. And in some cases the documents regarding the medical records of the shooters have been sealed, so we don’t know what they were on. The most effective thing that serves to erase the evidence trail is the general public belief that the FDA, the products of the big pharmaceutical companies and the government all work and are all there to help or protect us. So why stage a false flag event, when getting the public all cranked up on powerful mind altering drugs, then simply stepping out of the way to let them create the chaos you want, all of their own accord, would accomplish the same thing?

Like I said though, I am not a conspiracy theorist… Well, not much anyway. But there is the principle of Occam’s razor where the simplest theories are generally preferable to the most complex theories. The false flag events that I have read in most conspiracy theories would be most difficult to execute, let alone keep secret.

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