Sunday, October 23, 2011

A More Perfect Union

For those of us who are in Ohio there is a big issue coming up for a vote in November regarding a law which was passed called SB5. It involves the public sector unions but some of the issues extend beyond just them and involve private sector unions as well. What follows are my major concerns, which sprang up as a result of a debate on Facebook, regarding collective bargaining and public sector union.

1) Who says collective bargaining is a right? I mean other than Karl Marx?

2) For public sector unions why do I as a taxpayer have to pay for all of their healthcare, pensions, etc. and them none? Especially when most of them make twice as much as I do?

3) Government employees shouldn't be allowed to strike because when they do they are doing so with the intent of harming the taxpayers. By the way, SB5 will still allow them to picket, which is distinctly different than striking.

4) Unions exist only to serve themselves and that is demonstrated in their actions. Ask your union leaders how much they make. I'll bet it's a hell of a lot more than you isn't it? Ask your union leaders if your pension is fully funded (it likely isn't) and then ask if his is. I'd bet it is. Your union leaders are only interested in themselves. They are rich off of your labor and sweat. And when the money is all spent and you have to take a layoff, they will walk away rich beyond your wildest dreams. The thing is that the union leaders and members, not being the people who put the company/government there which they are working for in the first place, are the only people on earth who are stupid enough to bite the hand that feeds them. And they pay for it every time they vote to walk away with their own money while screwing their friends and co-workers out of a job. But more on that later…

5) According to the department of labor statistics, union membership in this country totals at about eleven percent. If all unions were disbanded right now the total effect on the middle-class, of which I am one of, would be astonishingly negligible.

6) The thing about unions always voting to screw their brother and sisters out of a job to keep the money in their own pockets is true and demonstrated for everybody to see with the SB5 situation. With SB5 in place, the budget is balanced where it wasn't before, and nobody is getting laid off. Without SB5 the budget will go back out of balance and public sector employees will get laid off. So what I said is true and is happening right now before your very eyes.

In addition to that I know many people who are or have been in unions. The story is always the same. They will never vote to take a cut in their own pay. They will always vote to screw their brothers out of their jobs. And it's as predictable as gravity.

8) Unions are nearly insignificant and have become a bane on society founded on the erroneous principle that everybody is equal but some are more equal than others. At first they had some usefulness in improving safe working conditions and when that was the issue they had the public support. Now it’s only about power and greed. And when they don’t get their way tires get slashed, people get shot, property gets destroyed, and still the leaders walk away with loads of cash and political power.

One of my friends used to work for Foodtown. He was in the union. The company decided they could not afford the level of workers they had so they had to lay some people off. My friend’s name came up in that layoff. Fortunately for him a position in management opened up and he was asked if he would be willing to take it. Having a family to support he decided to take the position. A short time afterwards he went to his car after work and found his tires slashed. This is the mentality of unions. No individual is allowed to succeed. You forfeit your individual rights for the collective. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

9) Public sector unions are a conflict of interest. The flow of money goes from the taxpayer to the government. The government pays the union members. The union members currently have their union dues subtracted from their paychecks by government accountants and so the taxpayer’s money goes to the unions. The unions donate to campaigns to elect union friendly government officials. The union friendly government officials sit across the bargaining table from the union negotiators who contributed to their elections and raise the pay and benefits of the union members who elected them. The government officials, elected by the unions, raise taxes on the taxpayer who pay more into the system. The bottom line is the tax payer gets screwed while the union leaders and government officials get elected and a truck load of money. SB5 fixes this conflict of interest which most would define as blatant corruption.

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